BriteStar Primary Care Selects Claris Healthcare to Provide Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

BriteStar Primary Care Selects Claris Healthcare to Provide Remote Patient Monitoring Solution


September 06, 2021

Patients of BriteStar Primary Care who require blood pressure monitoring at home will now be equipped with remote monitoring technology, under a new partnership with Claris Healthcare. The partnership marks an expansion of BriteStar’s telemedicine services, part of an ongoing shift toward telehealth across the U.S.

“Claris Continuum’s intuitive software, state-of-the-art sensors, and professional implementation has made this a critical tool as we continue to expand our telemedicine practice.”

BriteStar, based in Garland, Texas, selected the Claris Continuum Remote Patient Monitoring platform to provide blood pressure monitoring for an initial group of hypertensive patients at risk of cardiac disease.

The system provides patients with a cellular-connected blood pressure cuff, which  automatically uploads readings into the Claris cloud-based platform. On the  physician side, care providers access a dashboard where they can easily view  patient information, monitor vital signs, and set alerts that identify patients whose  readings require immediate attention.

“Providing cardiac care in a remote setting means that closely monitoring vital  signs like blood pressure is essential,” said Henna Xiang, Nurse Practitioner at  BriteStar. “Claris Continuum’s intuitive software, state-of-the-art sensors, and  professional implementation has made this a critical tool as we continue to expand  our telemedicine practice.”

In addition to monitoring vital signs, the Claris Continuum platform also supports  physicians with Medicare billing, reporting, and reimbursement. Specifically,  BriteStar is using the platform to manage Medicare reimbursement of remote  patient monitoring codes CPT 99453 (setup), CPT 99454 (device readings), CPT  99457 (20-minute remote patient monitoring) and CPT 99458 (40-minute remote  patient monitoring).

Telemedicine has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to patient  demand, increased uptake by providers, and regulatory changes that have made  reimbursement easier. Surveys have found that telehealth use has stabilized at  levels 38 times higher than before the pandemic.

That increase in demand has left many medical practices looking for solutions to  continue providing a high level of care without increasing the cost to patients,  notes Jake Levy, CRO of Claris Healthcare.

“During the pandemic, we’ve seen more and more care providers seeking practical  solutions for remote patient monitoring of patients with chronic conditions, and  we believe this trend is only going to continue to grow,” Levy said. “BriteStar represents the future of how physicians will manage and treat chronic conditions  to improve patient outcomes, optimize staff resources, and lower the overall cost of  care.”

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