Interfaith Uses Claris Companion to Double Seniors’ Social Connectedness in Arizona

Case Study: Interfaith Uses Claris Companion to Double Seniors’ Social Connectedness

The Challenge

Seniors who live alone are vulnerable to social isolation and lack of support.

In a 2021 assessment, Tucson-based Interfaith Community Services (ICS) determined that more than a third of the seniors in its caregiving program were socially isolated. On a scale that measured their social connectedness on a scale of 1 to 5, these seniors had an average rating of just 1.75, meaning they had little to no social support.

So ICS decided to see if it could use tablet technology to boost the connections and improve the wellbeing of these most isolated seniors.

The Solution

ICS selected Claris Companion for the technology, an easy-to-use tablet, and software  solution specifically designed for older seniors.

Key features of Claris Companion include:

  • Built-in 4G/LTE cellular internet service for seniors without access to WiFi
  • Seamlessly integrated messaging, video calling, photo sharing, internet browsing, games, alerts, and more
  • One-click customization for staff to remotely personalize each tablet.
  • Claris Insight™, a reporting and data visualization component of the Claris  Companion platform that helps staff track how clients are interacting with their  tablets at home.


“Our participants have responded to the program enthusiastically and tell us they love using their Claris Companion tablets to  attend coffee hour and read messages.”

Initially, eight seniors were enrolled in the Caregiving Connection program. Trained  volunteers were assigned to deliver the tablets and teach participants how to use them.  The program started with a virtual “coffee hour” where seniors could use their tablets to  meet other participants, volunteers, and staff. These meetings were later increased to six  times per week. During the gatherings, participants discuss current events, favorite memories, share recipes, have sing-a-longs, and do “show-and-tell.”


Seniors participating in the program saw their social  connectedness rating almost double, to an average of 3.5  out of 5.

Participants responded to the program enthusiastically  and told staff they loved using their Claris Companion  tablets to attend coffee hours and read messages.

Tracking data shows that seniors in the program have engaged in more than 5,000 total interactions, participated in almost 3,500 activities, and  played more than 1,750 games on their tablets over seven months.

“Our isolated seniors have enjoyed the program and are truly thankful to have the tablets  at their disposal,” said Luke Pearson, senior services coordinator for ICS. “Claris  Companion has been essential in our efforts to connect with our seniors in need.”

With the tablet program’s demonstrated success, ICS is expanding its Caregiving Connection program through 2022.

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