Claris Companion helps prevent social isolation

Discover how social care agencies reduce social isolation and promote aging-in-place with Claris Companion.

Claris Companion helps prevent social isolation.

Discover how social care agencies reduce social isolation and promote aging-in-place with Claris Companion.

Social Isolation is a Chronic Disease

“The mortality impact of being socially disconnected is similar to that caused by smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.”

Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, US Surgeon General

The Problem

Traditional approaches to addressing social isolation can be complex, resource intensive, and difficult to scale.

The Solution

Claris Companion is a simple, automated, and scalable solution so older seniors can be connected with friends, family and caregivers online – even if they’re unfamiliar with using technology.

One solution for aging-in-place.

Female senior using her Claris for Families Tablet


The Claris Companion tablet helps seniors living at home to connect socially and safely age-in-place. Including unlimited internet data plans.

Laptop showing the Claris for Families console.


The Claris Console and mobile apps help caregivers remotely manage hundreds of Claris Companions while allowing friends and family to communicate securely.

Claris Insights dashboard on a desktop computer.


Claris Insight allows organizations to easily visualize millions of data points across all users to optimize engagement and ensure success.

Most popular ways agencies use Claris Companion:

  • Prevent Social Isolation

  • Connect to Family and Friends

  • Connect Foster Grandparents

  • Link to Community Support

  • Provide Seniors Center Without Walls

  • Promote Community Events

  • Provide Access to Online Resources

  • Promote Self-Care and Wellness

  • Support IDD Independence

  • Deliver Virtual and/or EBP Programs

Claris Companion video calls keep seinors connected and engaged.

Claris Companion has been improving the lives of seniors for over 10 years.

Improved Well-Being

Virtual Visits



Stronger Support Networks


Video Calls


Reduced Boredom




Increased Engagement

Call Requests



Acquired New Skills

Virtual Classes

Library Access

Education Apps

Increased Creativity

Creative Games


Coloring Apps

Reduced Pain




Reduced Isolation

Family Connection

Virtual Meetings

Photo Sharing

Increased Physical Activity


Care Programs


Enhanced Health Management



Isolation Surveys

Funding Opportunities
Older Americans Act (OAA)

Title III B – Supportive Services

Claris Companion allows care agencies to deliver health promotion and disease prevention virtual programs to seniors at home. Our customers have performed health screenings and assessments, organized physical fitness activities, EBP programs, medication management, home injury control services, information, education, and prevention strategies for chronic disease and other health conditions.

Title III C – Nutritional Education and Counselling

Claris Companion helps care agencies provide virtual nutrition classes and counselling by making it easier to run group video sessions and automating the delivery of the educational resources directly to seniors in their home.

Title III D – Evidence Based Programs

Claris Companion enables care agencies to deliver Evidence Based Programs (EBP) virtually. Our customers rely on Claris Companion to more easily provide classes such as Bingocize, Tai Chi, Mind Over Matter, Active Living Every Day, Moving for Better Balance and more…

Title III E – Family Caregiver Support

Claris Companion is a valuable tool that eases the burden of family caregiving by providing a central platform to communicate, manage the ADLs, and monitor their isolated loved ones.

Thoughtfully designed features that seniors actually use. Every day.

Easily customize for your organization and personalize for your seniors.

Video Calling






Photo Album

Call Me





plus millions of Android play store apps!


Including senior focused content automatically delivered to the tablet to maximize engagement.

Exercise &
Wellness Content

Music & Faith
Based Content


Claris companion alerts console showing the proven use success and of Claris Companion

Proven Success

We have 10 years of experience ensuring older seniors with no previous experience using technology can engage on our platform.

Tablet Interactions
Video Calls

Looking to purchase a Claris Companion for your loved one?

The results are undeniable.

felt more connected while using the tablet.
felt more confident using technology to connect with others.
wanted access to the tablet again in the future.

The results are undeniable.

felt more connected while using the tablet.
felt more confident using technology to connect with others.
wanted access to the tablet again in the future.

Senior care agencies trust Claris Companion.

Talk to us about Funding

Our customers have been able to successfully fund their programs with us through a variety of government grants such as OAA, ARP, EHCE etc. We also provide a lot of support and research in finding the right grant sources for our customers, who are able to find recurring annual funding 90% of the time.

Our experienced team works with you
to ensure success.

Female senior unboxing her Claris for Families Tablet

1. Project Management

We know that process change can be difficult. Both older seniors and their care providers can struggle with change so we leverage 10 years of experience to guide customers step-by-step through each phase of a successful project.

2. Configuration

We deliver a white-glove experience. Our implementation staff work directly with our customers to maximize their software and hardware investment. We appreciate that every customer is unique. Our experienced implementation staff work directly with our customers to configure the Claris software and hardware to achieve their goals.

3. Staff Training

We know that knowledge is power. We ensure that customer staff are appropriately trained to be as efficient as possible when using the Claris platform. We provide online interactive training, training videos, and in depth training articles to ensure staff can become power users.

4. Ongoing Support

We understand seniors. Our customer support staff appreciate all the challenges that can come from working with older seniors so we’re available to help and support our customers with all the small details that make a big difference to senior engagement. Even the smallest technical issue can become a big problem so we’re always monitoring our services, servers, and apps for potential issues.

5. Optimization

The needs of seniors change all the time, so our team will continue to work with you to optimize the configuration of your Claris system to ensure your seniors are achieving the highest levels of engagement.

Claris Companion includes security, remote management and support.

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