Simply the best tablet for older seniors

Join thousands of families that trust Claris Companion to keep their aging loved ones connected, entertained, and safe at home.

Claris Companion for Families

Simply the best tablet for older seniors

Join thousands of families that trust Claris Companion to keep their aging loved ones connected, entertained, and safe at home.

Full of features that seniors actually use. Every day.

Your family can remotely enable any of the features, at any time. Here are just a few of the most popular features:

And so many more!

Claris for Families Cellular Tablet
Laptop showing the Claris for Families console.

Family can Remotely Manage the Tablet from Anywhere, Anytime.

The tablet can be personalized remotely, adjusting settings and eliminating complications for them so their family members enjoy a stress-free online experience.

  • Setup Tablet 

  • Add Websites & Apps

  • Set Reminders

  • Check Activity

  • Add Contacts

  • Setup Alerts

  • Check Tablet Settings

  • See Battery & Location


Watch How it Works

Unlike other tablets, we guarantee Claris Companion will work for your older loved one living independently at home.

Note – The average age of our users is 86.

Senior reading Claris Companion user guide.

Top 8 reasons why Claris Companion is different from an iPad or Android tablet

Eliminating stress and worry, even for those with no experience with technology!

1. For Older Seniors

Designed specifically for older seniors with large text, large buttons, voice notifications, no settings (on tablet), always on.

2. Easy

Eliminates the complexity of iOS and Android with a single, simple user experience.

3. Managed by Family

Allows remote configuration using any device from anywhere in the world.

4. Alerts

Ensures notifications such as reminders, messages, video calls always pop-up and are displayed full screen so they’re never missed.

5. Everything you Need

Groups emails, text, and app messages into simple “Messages” that appear automatically.

6. Personalize

Allows family to enable/disable all features, apps, content for a personalized experience.

7. Unlimited

Provides remote configuration of unlimited apps, websites, news, games, and other content.

8. Live Support

Provides telephone and email access to friendly US-based customer support that understands older seniors and new technology.

Your loved one will love Claris Companion.
We guarantee it!


What Our Happy Customers Are Saying:

My mother says that Claris Companion is like having a friend and company in the house. As soon as she comes in she checks it, looks at the pictures and sends a message to the grandkids about what she did and where she is/was going. The look on her face and the smile is priceless. SHE LOVES IT and it makes her day very special!

Julie Ray

5 / 5

I LOVE the Claris Companion! I’ve been telling everyone about it and giving demos to my friends with elderly parents. It has improved my mom’s quality of life because she feels more in touch with her family and friends. I can’t say enough good things.

Joyce Rosenthal

5 / 5

Claris Companion is working so well for my grandmother. Thank you! Your product helps change perspective towards technology, keep international families in touch, and reduce stress on primary caregivers and people living abroad. I have witnessed all four of these aspects in as many weeks.

Jeff Rea

5 / 5
A hand holding a iphone showing the Claris for Families App

Unlimited friends and family can use the free Claris for Caregivers app to communicate with the tablet

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(Average age of our users is 86 years old)