Simply the best tablet for older seniors

Thousands of families trust Claris Companion to keep their aging loved ones connected, entertained, and safe at home.

Simply the best tablet for older seniors

Claris Companion for Families

Thousands of families trust Claris Companion to ensure their loved ones are connected, entertained, and safe.

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Unlike other tablets, Claris Companion is pre-configured with lots of senior-friendly content and features, so we guarantee it will work for your older loved one or your money back!

(the average age of our users is 86)

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Features that seniors actually use. Every day.

Your family can remotely enable or disable any of the features, at any time. Here are just a few of the most popular features:

Plus access to millions of Android apps!

Claris for Families Cellular Tablet
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Families can Remotely Manage the Tablet from Anywhere, Anytime.

The tablet comes with lots of great content but you can personalize it and adjust settings remotely, so everyone can enjoy a stress-free online experience.

  • Setup Tablet 

  • Add Websites & Apps

  • Set Reminders

  • Check Activity

  • Add Contacts

  • Setup Alerts

  • Check Tablet Settings

  • See Battery & Location

Top 8 reasons why Claris Companion is different from an iPad or Android tablet

Eliminating stress and worry, even for those with no experience with technology!

1. Designed for Seniors

Designed specifically for older seniors with large text, large buttons, voice notifications, no settings (on tablet), always on.

2. Easy to Use

Eliminates the complexity of standard tablets with a single, simple user experience.

3. Managed by Family

Family remotely configure the tablet from any device, anywhere in the world.

4. Full Screen Notifications

Notifications such as reminders, messages, video calls appear full screen so they’re never missed.

5. Essential Features Only

All the features that seniors need, and more importantly, nothing they don’t.

6. Peace of Mind

Alerts and activity dashboard makes sure family know their loved one is safe.

7. Unlimited Apps

Remote configuration of unlimited apps, websites, news, games, and other content.

8. Live Support

Telephone, chat, and email access to friendly US-based customer support that understands and cares about older seniors.

Try risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t love it, send it back with free return shipping.

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Explore the Features

Choose from any of the features below and simply enable or disable them as needed.

Video Call

Speak face-to-face with your loved one using Companion’s video chat. Unlike other video calling applications, Claris Companion is private, secure, and incredibly easy to use. Seniors using Claris Companion can connect to family using any device including laptops, Android smartphones or tablets, and iPhones or iPads.

Because your loved one’s Companion tablet is always on, they will always be alerted to an incoming call and only need to touch the large “Answer” button, or they can video call to family by selecting from a list of selected contacts.

Using Claris Companion’s secure Auto-Answer feature, you can see your loved one at any time and make sure they’re okay even if they can’t get to the tablet.

Also integrated with Zoom, Webex, Meet, Teams, and GoToMeeting.


Send email, text, app or web console messages directly to Claris Companion (a private email address and text message number is provided by us). Regardless of how family sends the message, the message appears exactly the same way to your loved one to avoid any confusion. Seniors are notified immediately and messages appear in large easy-to-read text. They can also reply or write new messages using the on-screen keyboard, voice-to-text recognition, or external bluetooth keyboard (not included).

Video Album

Family videos are an easy and wonderful way for you to engage your loved one socially as well as provide valuable care information. Anyone can upload videos of any format to Claris Companion from anywhere. New videos are automatically displayed on the screen and are stored in their personal video album to enjoy at any time.

Photo Album

Email (or upload) digital photos to your loved one’s Companion from anywhere. New photos are automatically displayed on the screen and are stored in their personal photo album to enjoy at any time. When not in use, Companion can be set to display photos in slideshow mode, just like a digital picture frame.


Seniors love playing the interactive games on their Claris Companion including Solitaire, Tetris, Word Stacks, Candy Crush, NYT Crossword, and Sudoku. You can also choose from 1000s of games on from the Google Play Store to be available to your loved on.


Your loved one can keep up with the latest online news by providing them access to various news websites. Claris Companion is pre-configured with CNN, NY Times, CNBC, Fox, Google News and more.


You can remotely configure access to any website so your loved one can get information on local services and keep up-to-date with news from around the world. Each website is accessible on Companion by touching a large button that you can name, examples include the Weather, Shopping, Banking, Games, Google, etc…


Your loved one will have one touch access to local hourly, daily, and 7 day weather forecasts.

Medication Reminders

Medication compliance is critical to helping keep seniors safe at home and out of hospital. Claris Companion can be configured to remind seniors when to take their medications or perform other health care related treatments such as glucose testing. Alerts can be sent to family and care providers if reminders are missed.

Calendar Reminders

Schedule calendar event notifications remotely. Claris Companion will automatically alert your loved one to important activities such as appointments, visits, social engagements, birthdays…

Q & A

Without intruding, get answers to simple questions by scheduling surveys. With the touch of one button, your loved one can respond Yes, Maybe or No to any question you configure. For users with mild dementia, Alzheimer’s or memory loss, questions can be scheduled in advance and repeated daily so you can easily keep track of their well-being and compliance with daily routine.


Claris Companion automatically generates alerts if anything is out of the ordinary such as missed medications, treatments, or check-ins. Alerts can be sent as emails, text messages or mobile phone app notifications, and tailored for specific family members or home care workers to follow-up before an adverse event occurs. Alerts are easy way to keep track of your loved one and make sure that they’re okay.

Call Me

Many seniors recognize that loved ones lead busy lives and don’t want to disturb them even though they wished “you’d call more often”. With a touch of the “Call Me” button an email or text message can be sent to loved ones asking them to call when they get a chance. As a result, isolated seniors can reach out to family and friends without feeling like they’re being intrusive.

Wellness Survey

Daily wellness surveys can be scheduled that kindly ask the senior how they are feeling. With the touch of a button (better/same/worse), wellness trends can be established over time and alerts can be sent to family and caregivers.

Check In

In the morning, seniors can press the “check-in” button to send an email or text message to loved ones letting them know they’re okay. If the check-in button is not pressed, after a configurable amount of time an alert will be generated and sent to family or caregivers notifying them that the check-in was missed.


Daily exercise has been proven to improve the physical and mental well-being of seniors. Claris Companion offers one-touch exercise videos specifically developed for seniors at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your loved one doesn’t have access to WiFi you can purchase our Claris Companion 4G Cellular version which will work most places in the US or Canada (see our US 4G coverage map or Canadian 4G coverage map for details), and we include the data plan, so you don’t need to worry about any additional charges or fees.

Yes, you can have unlimited family, friends and caregivers connect with your loved one using the Claris Console website or our Claris for Caregivers smartphone app, and you can control their level of access to things like alerts, settings or confidential information by inviting them as either Managers, Responders or Contributors.

Claris Companion is suitable for anyone who has:

  1. Little or no computer experience
  2. Resisted conventional technology
  3. Diminishing eyesight, motor skills, hearing, or cognition.

The average age of Companion users is 86 with many living independently at home.

Claris Companion is safer and easier for seniors to use than an iPad, tablets or computers because it was designed specifically for seniors. It provides them with exactly what they need to connect with family and manage their own care. All information is pushed to the device and automatically displayed with large buttons and text, so there’s no need to launch apps to see important notifications. Seniors cannot get ‘lost’ by pressing buttons, mistakenly changing settings or having confusing updates and warning messages appear. The device can be configured remotely through the secure website avoiding frustrating technical support calls. Additionally, text message alerts can be sent to family members in case of missed medication reminders, check-ins and wellness surveys.For even more reasons why Companion is different, please see our Why Companion? page.

The freely available email and video calling services presume some degree of computer literacy to use – user names, passwords, launching web browsers, and accessories etc.  Furthermore, they expose users to potentially confusing advertising as well as privacy and security concerns. Companion protects your loved one by providing a secure, ad-free communications channel just for them.  In addition, free services do not provide feedback to the family members in terms of alerts, reminders, check-in, or direct access to self-care content.

Even though we’ve made Claris Companion as easy to use as possible, we understand that it’s not going to work for everyone, so we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.  If Claris Companion doesn’t work for your family, simply return it within 30 days for a complete refund. We even pay for shipping.

After 30 days, you can easily cancel your subscription and we will remotely factory reset the tablet so you can use it as a normal Samsung Android tablet for whatever you’d like.

Currently, Claris Companion is available in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Claris Companion is intended for people who aren’t comfortable using technology, or those whose cognitive ability or dexterity have declined. Companion offers a lot of features that will be of interest – event and medication reminders, any app from the Google Play Store, digital photo display, sophisticated alerting, and one-touch video calling.

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying:

My mother says that Claris Companion is like having a friend and company in the house. As soon as she comes in she checks it, looks at the pictures and sends a message to the grandkids about what she did and where she is/was going. The look on her face and the smile is priceless. SHE LOVES IT and it makes her day very special!

Julie Ray

5 / 5

I LOVE the Claris Companion! I’ve been telling everyone about it and giving demos to my friends with elderly parents. It has improved my mom’s quality of life because she feels more in touch with her family and friends. I can’t say enough good things.

Joyce Rosenthal

5 / 5

Claris Companion is working so well for my grandmother. Thank you! Your product helps change perspective towards technology, keep international families in touch, and reduce stress on primary caregivers and people living abroad. I have witnessed all four of these aspects in as many weeks.

Jeff Rea

5 / 5
A hand holding a iphone showing the Claris for Families App

Unlimited friends and family can use the free Claris for Caregivers app to communicate with the tablet

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Before Claris Companion, most of our users had limited or no previous experience using technology. Now they love it!