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Frequently Asked Questions

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Claris Companion WiFi
$299+ $29/month USD
$399+$36/month CDN

Claris Companion 4G (Standard 2GB plan)
$299+$49/month USD
$399+$59/month CDN

Claris Companion 4G (Unlimited)
$299+$65/month USD
$399+$89/month CDN

Claris Companion App
$29/month USD
$36/month CDN

Try for 30 days. If it doesn’t work for you or your loved one we provide a 100% refund including free return shipping. We can also extend the 30 day trial period another 15 days if needed.

No contracts. Pay month-to-month. Cancel at any time.

After the trial period, if you do cancel, we will remotely factory reset the tablet so you can use it as a regular unlocked Samsung Android tablet.

Claris isn’t just a tablet, it’s an online service including secure email, unlimited video calling/texting/photo storage, family alerts, remote configuration, remote tablet monitoring, online dashboard that lets you know your loved one is okay, and of course dedicated customer support.

In addition, we protect your data and don’t rely on ads for revenue.

In-stock US orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Indiana within 2-3 days via UPS Ground (tracking included) which typically takes 3 business days.

In-stock Canadian orders ship from Vancouver within 2-3 days via Canada Post Expedited (tracking included) which can take from 2-5 business days.

Tablets purchased from Claris have the benefit of being enrolled in Samsung Knox, which further secures the member in the Claris Companion app and allows updates and remote control troubleshooting to be managed by Claris.

Yes! Permission to do so can be requested in the family web console under Communication –> Video Call.

Unfortunately, telephone calls or emergency calls can not be made from the tablet (the tablet does not have a telephone number). Claris Companion tablet users can video or audio only call with family and friends that are using our free Claris for Caregivers mobile app or our web console.

Yes, additional apps can be installed from the Google Play Store and can then be added as buttons in Claris Companion. (Please note, 2-step verification via text message isn’t possible on the Claris Companion tablet itself because it doesn’t have a dedicated/unique phone number. However, you may use a secondary device for 2-step verification if any of the apps you’d like to add require it.

Yes, this is currently possible by enabling the new Dictation button when sending Messages or pressing the microphone button on the on-screen keyboard. 

New notifications on the tablet are announced, but having the tablet read entire messages out loud is on our development roadmap and coming soon!

The member’s tablet can be configured to only show messages from approved contacts that have been added in the family console. (Messages from unknown contacts/email addresses are not shown to the member on the tablet.) For web-browsing, the member can access specific websites that have been added as buttons on the tablet. (The address bar isn’t displayed.)

Remote Viewer (more like a simulator) is available in the family console and shows notifications and buttons that are available within our app on the tablet, but it’s not remote control of the tablet settings such as wifi, power on/off, other apps/websites.

For basic usage (sending and receiving photos, messages, and web browsing), 2GB/month is usually sufficient. For members that use video calling, 2GB/month is enough for 4.5 hours of video calling. If the member will be doing video streaming or a lot of video calling, we recommend our Unlimited data plan.

Yes, we’re happy to assist the caregiver and the member with any issues, questions or concerns.

Top 8 reasons why Claris Companion is different from an iPad or Android tablet

Eliminating stress and worry, even for those with no experience with technology!

1. Designed for Seniors

Designed specifically for older seniors with large text, large buttons, voice notifications, no settings (on tablet), always on.

2. Easy to Use

Eliminates the complexity of standard tablets with a single, simple user experience.

3. Managed by Family

Family remotely configure the tablet from any device, anywhere in the world.

4. Full Screen Notifications

Notifications such as reminders, messages, video calls appear full screen so they’re never missed.

5. Essential Features Only

All the features that seniors need, and more importantly, nothing they don’t.

6. Peace of Mind

Alerts and activity dashboard makes sure family know their loved one is safe.

7. Unlimited Apps

Remote configuration of unlimited apps, websites, news, games, and other content.

8. Live Support

Telephone, chat, and email access to friendly US-based customer support that understands and cares about older seniors.

Plus access to millions of Android apps to always keep your loved one entertained, safe, and connected!

A hand holding a iphone showing the Claris for Families App

Staying connected is easy with free apps for Friends, Family and Caregivers