Meet Mary

Mary is proudly independent, but her family is worried about her living alone and feeling isolated.

Mary and her family have some apprehension around new technology because she’s struggled to use devices in the past.

Mary, a Claris for Families User
Elderly woman feeling lonely.

Mary’s Journey Begins

To help Mary stay connected and safe at home, Mary’s family ordered a Claris Companion online and configured it remotely so it worked right out of the box with no additional installation, training or setup.

Happy female senior using Claris for Families tablet.

Mary’s Success

Claris Companion comes fully loaded with features, but has been remotely personalized using the online web console so instead of being overwhelmed, Mary has one-touch access to everything she needs but nothing she doesn’t. Now Mary can easily send messages, receive photos, and see the grandkids on video calls.

Happy senior woman showing her friend a Claris for Families tablet.

Mary’s Growing Confidence

Engaged, energized and more confident using technology than ever, Mary now feels less isolated and more connected to her loved ones and the outside world. She’s now starting to explore Games, News, Weather, and even other Apps remotely configured by her family who also appreciate receiving regular alerts that keep them informed of her daily routine.

Now Mary can’t wait to show all her friends her new Claris Companion.

Average age of our users is 86 years old with no computer experience.

Full of features that seniors actually use. Every day.

Your family can remotely enable any of the features, at any time.

plus millions of Android Apps!

Try for 30 Days – Cancel Anytime – No Contracts – Free Returns

We guarantee your family will love Claris Companion. Try out our new unlimited data plan for 30 days and if you don’t love it, send it back with free return-shipping!

A hand holding a iphone showing the Claris for Families App

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