How Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) are using Claris Companion to address Social Isolation in the US

How Area Agencies on Aging are using Claris Companion to address Social Isolation


Claris Healthcare is proud to be working with senior care organizations including dozens of Area Agencies on Aging across North America to fight against senior social isolation using Claris Companion.

We offer a unique combination of intuitive senior-friendly software, internet connected tablets, and implementation services to improve the well-being of older adults at home. Most importantly, Claris Companion includes a care management dashboard for agency staff, reporting, and analytics to deliver true visibility into your programs’ success.

Claris Companion has already been proven to be easy-to-use, fun, and affordable. Area Agencies on Aging, Meals on Wheels, State Ombudsmen, County Governments, and other Senior Care Agencies depend on Companion as a direct channel of communication to the seniors in their community – even if they don’t have any experience using technology. Companion offers many features including video calling, messaging, virtual events, web browsing, surveys, wellness checks, medication reminders, photos, videos, and more.

We understand the importance of data for evidence-based programs. The built-in Claris Insight reporting & analytics system allows you to visualize your client’s usage and engagement data in  real time to prove your program’s overall success. Claris has even incorporated gold-standard  social isolation and depression surveys that have proven that using Claris Companion improves  mental and physical well-being. 

Atlantic County Area on Aging launched Claris Companion on February 2021, the data below  shows exactly how they were able to decrease social isolation and depression over 8 months:

Total Participants84
Total Tablet Interactions106,729
Activities Initiated68,916
Websites & Apps40,219
Games Played30,388
Direct Video Calls516
Event Reminders15,315
Messages Sent10,285
Messages Received13,129
Wellness Surveys12,308
Med Reminders1,114
Surveys Completed465
Total Content View (minutes)555,149
Websites & Apps (minutes)133,933
Games Played (minutes)406,364
Videos (minutes)14,716

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Join the other AAAs who have partnered with Claris Companion to alleviate senior social isolation!

While these results speak for themselves, we work with each agency to design a program that best meets your goals. We’d love the opportunity to show you how agencies just like yours are using Claris Companion.

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