New CareDot™ technology for Caregivers

New CareDot technology from Claris helps spot trends that can tell family and caregivers when these independent seniors might need a little additional help.

Older seniors living on their own may appear to be managing well on a day-to-day basis, but over time their cognitive and physical capabilities slowly decline. It can be challenging for family and caregivers to see changes that may lead to accidents like a fall or forgetting to turn off the stove.

When a senior uses Claris Companion® on a daily basis to communicate with family and manage their own care, Companion learns their normal patterns. As they go through their day, we calculate a CareDot score showing their activity level (interactions using the device), compliance (response to medication and other scheduled reminders) and wellness (on a self-reported scale).

Most importantly, we display a trend for these scores over time as compared to their normal activity patterns. This simple trend can help family and caregivers predict when independent seniors may need more help and prevent accidents or adverse events.

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