Enhancing Senior Independence: Apollo Healthcare’s Remote Support Initiative in Colorado

Remote Supports participant speaks with a virtual caregiver using her Claris Companion tablet for seniors


In an era where home-based care for seniors encounters numerous obstacles across the country, the Medicaid authority in Colorado has initiated an innovative program called “Remote Supports.”

Through this program, eligible seniors can now receive multiple check-ins everyday from a virtual caregiver and receive support that allows them to age in place.

Apollo Healthcare, a Denver based senior care company partnered with Claris Companion to become a licensed provider of the Remote Supports program in Colorado. This case study delves into the inception and impact of Apollo Healthcare’s Remote Support Initiative, highlighting the transformative journey of seniors towards better health, independence, and quality of life.


Bridging the Technology Gap for Seniors

The inception of Apollo Healthcare’s Remote Support Initiative was inspired by a combination of experiences in physical security and personal caregiving for seniors. Recognizing the challenges and costs associated with traditional assisted living, Apollo Healthcare innovated a model that uses security technology to offer similar services at home. This initiative has been particularly impactful in addressing the needs of Colorado’s senior population, making daily living safer and more comfortable through technology.

Apollo Healthcare’s Remote Supports program employs a blend of specially trained caregivers and technology, including two-way video tablets and scheduled check-ins, to provide a range of services from medication reminders to meal and appointment reminders. This approach not only ensures seniors receive timely care but also fosters a sense of community and connection, despite the physical distance. Seniors currently on the program are receiving the following services, remotely:-

  • Help with ADLs 
  • Medication Reminders 
  • Appointment Reminders 
  • Meal Reminders 
  • Fall Detection 
  • Health Tracking 
  • Help as Needed 
  • Transportation Coordination 
  • Connect with Families

Here is a video that features some of the seniors on the program along with their caregivers:

Evidence-Based Impact on Senior Wellness

The program’s effectiveness is evidenced by significant improvements in seniors’ adherence to medication and eating schedules. Testimonials from participants reveal profound enhancements in their daily lives, including better sleep patterns, increased energy, and a heightened sense of security. These outcomes underscore the potential of remote support services to revolutionize senior care by integrating technology with personalized care.

Testimonial from a senior on Colorado's Remote Supports initiative

Transformative Stories of Senior Empowerment

Personal stories from participants illustrate the program’s profound impact. Seniors report remarkable progress in managing their health and daily activities, attributing these improvements to the consistent support and reminders provided by Apollo Healthcare’s initiative. The sense of autonomy and wellbeing that seniors gain through this program highlights the critical role of innovative solutions in aging care.

Testimonial from a senior on Colorado's Remote Supports initiative


Apollo Healthcare’s Remote Support Initiative in Colorado exemplifies the power of technology and personalized care in transforming the lives of seniors. By providing essential services in the comfort of their homes, Apollo has created a model that represents the future of senior care.