Tips for Looking After Your Elderly Parents and Grandparents During the Winter Season

Tips for Looking After Your Elderly Parents and Grandparents During the Winter Season

Everybody loves the holidays and the New Year. Whether it’s getting together with family, giving gifts to one another, and eating delicious meals together, everyone enjoys getting together with the people they care about every year to celebrate each other and the love you share!

But, with the holiday season, comes the cold, winter months. And, depending on where you live, the winters can be harsh and difficult for many people in your family, especially senior citizens.

This is why we’ve gone ahead and come up with some simple tips to help you and the elderly grandparents and relatives in your life, get through these winter months safely.

Use the Buddy System:

This may sound simple, but so many times families forget to have a local neighbor or relative in the area check on their elderly parents or family members by having someone visit their home even just for a few minutes once a week to make sure they’re safe and sound.

Insulate Their Homes:

Most modern homes have great installation, but many older homes need to be reinsulated to keep the warm air from escaping during colder seasons. Most heat loss is through the attic and roof of a home, so it’s best to check those areas first for poor or outdated insulation that needs repairing.

Register for Meal Services:

In many states, being snowed in days out of the winter is not uncommon. But what about when there isn’t any food in the house and no way to get to the store? With services like Meals on Wheels, little-to-no cost meals are delivered straight to the door to senior citizens homes throughout the United States. And no senior is turned away no matter if they can pay for the meal service or not.


Calling your elderly parents and other senior citizens in the family to check up on them is critical during the winter months. Even just calling for a few minutes to check to hear how their doing will not only alleviate your worry for them, but it’ll definitely brighten up their chilly afternoon.

Sign Up for the Claris Companion System:

The Claris Companion is a technology system designed around your elderly parents’ specific health, safety, and family communication needs. The system has multiple video, phone, and even email contact settings so you can always stay in touch with your parents 24/7. It also includes health monitoring, medical appointment scheduling, and reminder settings so your mom or dad always remembers when they need to take a pill, go to the doctor for a checkup, or just give you a call to ask how their grandkids are doing.

At Claris, we want to help every senior citizen stay in close contact with their family, while being able to monitor their health and individual needs, but also giving them the freedom to live safely on their own without ever feeling alone.

So if you’re interested in learning more about the Claris Companion System free 30 day trial, click here. And please feel free to share this blog on social media to help educate your friends and family members with elderly parents and family members so they too can always have peace of mind knowing they always have family members looking out for them.

And Click here to contact us for any further questions, concerns, or pricing inquiries you may have about the Claris System.

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